AT Inbox: What effect will eBay’s paperless payment policy have on you? (Part 5)

Hello, My name is Andrea and I have a comment regarding ebay and its paypal in general I would not buy or sell through them if it was last thing I do I have had a really bad time with both and have been struggling ever sense. It started when i listed items up for auction and was doing this in addition to full time work, then lost job after 14 years and still out after almost a year so, I figured sense I had listed several items before why not list other things of value plus times are bad with money and needed to pay bills so I gathered up my gold some scrap some wearable over a ounce and half of 10, 14, and 18kt gold auction went great so I thought. person whom purchased gold claimed that 1.7 grams were not real gold so we had arranged to have it sent back and either I would return approx $25.00 or when I come across some more of my gold just send it in return for stuff that they claimed was not real. make long story short what ended up happening is this person made arrangements with me to return some money in replace for the gold or resend some more gold but what they did was complain to paypal, paypal withdrew over 800.00 from my account that no more then 2.00 in it with out contacting me in regards to so now I not only have an overdrawn account but I am out the over ounce and half of gold so the person made out with my gold and got there money back and I am left with a bank after me and ebay and paypal doing nothing and this has been over 4-5 month and Iam still struggling my suggestion for anyone dont trust that way of payment they took an large amount of money out of the account with out notifying me not even the bank called me to ask if it was authorized that should say something to economy too! if you cant buy it in store and walk out with it you dont need it I am done with the ebay craze yours truely Andrea


I am very disappointed , as I am on the same wave length with you…I have met people that have broken into paypal accounts , and that was years ago, and this definitely makes me super uncomfortable….

I was about to try selling again on E-Bay after a long withdraw from it….

Now really being forced to go the Paypal / Credit Card concept, for such incidentals, so as E-Bay can profit more from their ever going fiasco of changing rules, just sours me…..And that they will ice this with their Paypal Fees will just put off people that just want a part time selling or people that only sell smalls that aren’t worth the time or the fees….

It would be nice if this would drive more people to go to more shows, and Antique Malls, which to me is a Much Better Experience in the long run…..

It was very nice and easy to just have a trust system, and of course over time the Major Scammers have come aboard to pilfer where they could, which changed all that..

But what about stolen credit cards being used for these transactions, and or phony Paypal Accounts….

This is where there needs to be a more competitive Trading Web Site , to compete with Goliath….What a sad mark….

I have been going to I-Collect since its inception , and have met some great people , and purchased some great items…Same thing as E-Bay was…..Send out a check , they send out your item…..And at least you could personally call these people , and sometimes negotiate for the item….

Hopefully the Major Scammers won’t ruin this site for a lot of Honest people that want just Old Fashion Horse Trading….

Thank You…..Ray — Forest Park , IL

New Ebay corp. rules fits the pattern, you would think by their plunging stocks they would understand that they are going in the wrong direction, "DA".


You are not alone in worrying about the new eBay policy.    I buy a fair amount, and mostly use PayPal, but my mother will never use an online bank of any kind, nor will she use a credit card online.   She will be one of many who will not bid on eBay anymore.   They have lost a good customer.   It should be left up to the seller in my opinion, to decide what form of payment to accept.    I was considering selling on eBay until the new feedback policy.   It seems they are really crunching sellers and the good news is, I believe more people will visit the antique malls again and that business will grow once more.  
I’m curious to see how many people agree with me that a policy of PayPal only is wrong.  
Christine Gregorius
Helotes, TX

I am a power seller on eBay and have always offered my customers to pay via PayPal, money order or cashiers check. To me, customer service means offering a variety of choices for your customers to choose based upon their own personal preference. I have some customers, like you, who do not feel comfortable with internet payments and prefer to obtain a money order or cashiers check. PayPal is extremely secure. In fact, you can even obtain a security key which is an extra added layer of security.  Sellers have no access to your account information. We don’t even have your account number nor credit card should you choose to pay with your credit card in PayPal. The other added bonus to paying with PayPal is that you are offered a protection should the item not be as represented. There are many positives that are worthy of exploring, including saving you, as a buyer the gas needed to obtain a money order or cashiers check. I am still on the fence of having this crammed down the seller’s throats that it is a mandatory situation. I have never had any problems what-so-ever with accepting money orders or cashiers checks. Yes, it is additional fee revenue for PayPal (eBay).  Will it hinder my future sales? Perhaps slightly as I currently have about 5-10% of my customers pay with a means other than PayPal. Time will tell. I will certainly keep you posted as this all unfolds.

Michelle Grogan

Just a little information on Paypal.  I have friends that would have been out a lot of money it were not for Paypal on an item sold with incorrect descriptions.  Paypal stood behind them and their money was returned.
Even my purchases at Wal-Mart are paperless.


This is just another mark of greed for eBay. I have taken money orders for about 10 years and have never had a problem … there is not another business that requires one   kind of pay . This is America and the buyers  should have a choice. Of how they pay for their purchase. I personally think the credit cards are the down fall for lots of people. Thank you for listening to my frustration over this eBay mandatory pay.

Have a great day!

In Kansas


I am working an ebay for 4 1/2years , selling antique dolls ,  I was generally satisfied and had fortunately not many problems….

I met some nice people and learned  the english language as I immigrated in 2003 now I want to stop with selling after October 12th , reason the forcement for paypal… two very important reason for my decision :
# 1. it is simply too expensive , if I raise my prices I can’t sell anymore  ( don’t want to talk about paypal problems with un-serious buyers )
#2.  When I made my registration on ebay I had a contract with ebay , paying fees , and I agreed with them ,…why I should work now for a second company  ? (paypal or other credit cards )

I run a business , invest my money and take the risk , all this for making  little money , now ebay force all the sellers to give from their  little money to other companies , this is uncorrect.

I think in USA, general payments are cash or checks , also money orders..
Thanks for your time!

Annelies NOhrudi

Hello –

I’m too, very concerned, as I always pay with a US postal money order. I don’t and won’t get PayPal. If something works, don’t fix it. A shame really that certain procedures cannot be left as they are. I will be angry that (with my luck), a particular auction will appear for an item I want in 8mm film and because of a policy change, I won’t be able to try for it. Unless the seller has a buy-i-now option AND in accepting a money order or somesuch. This PayPal-only will no doubt eliminate alot of potential buyers. Maybe it will take a large portion of us to inform EBAY to leave the possibilities of payment as they are. I can’t imagine "live" auctions where plastic cards only need apply. Well, anyway, I’d sure hate to leave EBAY, there is so much.

Keep us posted,

Daughter who sells onebay looked into there new policy and found out, legally, ebay can not stop a seller from accepting other forms of payment. The only thing they can control is what the seller puts on there write up for what they are selling.  If a buyer wants to pay another way, they just need to email the seller.  Pay pal is nice for the buyer, since it is a great protection from those who aren’t always honest, but we will pay in the long run, since the seller is going to have a higher starting bid, in order to pay all there fees.  We need to let people know of this ,who don’t get  papers like yours letting them know they can still pay the way they always did.


Hi….I read your article in the Antique Trader regarding Ebay not letting Sellers Accept any form of Cash.  I’ve been on Ebay for almost 11 years now, both Buying and Selling and I agree with you 100%.   I’ve never been a PayPal Member and don’t plan on being one.   Like you, I’m not giving ANYONE my Checking or Savings Account Number.
I Sell my antiques and collectibles on Ebay and enjoy the personal contact with my customers and fellow sellers.  I’m just a little fish in a big pond, I think this change would effect the little fish like me and not the people who sell 1,000’s of shirts, shoes and purses, etc. on Ebay as a Business.  Ebay was always a fun place to meet fellow collectors.
In all fairness, though, I schedule my dozen auctions three weeks ahead of time and I have not yet been notified by Ebay that I must Accept PayPal and not my usual Money Orders and Personal Checks.  I will check into this with Ebay – Great Article – Thank You – Sue in Minnesota

I agree totally with your article in the Oct. 15 A.T. issue I received today about ebay-and their new policy about payment, that will go into effect soon. I have sold for many years and have never taken Paypal.  I WILL be trying to find another place to sell.  I just do this for FUN and have really enjoyed it.  Haven’t  made a lot of $$ as I just sell a few things and not on a very regular basis.  I think their ideas are for the birds and am most unhappy about it all.  If I made a lot of $$ I might not mind giving them a little more but what I make is just a little extra spending money for me.  It has been very relaxing for me to sell this way.  I know most people do this for profit and I am probably one of the rare ones!!!  Any ideas where else I might sell,  please let me know. 

Love A.T.  It is a great pub.   Jeri Lowe in Colorado

This is in reply to Karen’s editorial in the latest issue of Antique Trader. 
Although I hadn’t heard the news that Ebay was going to stop allowing check/money order transactions,  I guess I am not that surprised.  A couple years ago, I probably would have had the exact same reaction that Karen did.  I only bought from Ebay sellers that accepted checks or money orders.  I didn’t have or want a Paypal account, or buy much of anything online.  But I enjoyed shopping for collectibles on Ebay, and  more and more sellers were accepting only Paypal. Lots of times I would find stuff I wanted to bid on but couldn’t.  So I finally bit the bullet and created a Paypal account, and bought my first item online. ( I should note that as a precaution I do have a separate credit card for it, that I only use that card for online transactions.)  Since that time, I have won numerous items on Ebay and paid thru Paypal, and have never having a single problem.  It really is fast and easy, like they advertise.  I can’t speak for the seller’s side, but so far the ones I’ve dealt with seem happy and leave me positive feedback about the speedy transactions.  I still like shopping for things in person at an Antique Mart or Flea Market too, but there are so many wonderful things I’ve won online that I never would have been able to find if it hadn’t been for Ebay.  Personally, I wouldn’t let a change like this stop me from shopping there.  The funny thing for me now is that I find myself being annoyed if I see a seller that DOESN’T have Paypal!  It takes so much longer to write out and mail checks or get a money order, that I really had been thinking twice before bidding on any such items!  Hope you try it and have as good an experience as I have had.
Joyce Paustian
Davenport, IA

That is an outrageous position for eBay to take.  Sounds like greed plus greed.  I use eBay occasionally but will think twice before I do after the new policy.  I would think buyers as well as sellers would be very upset at this change.  Jim

Jim Conover

I have only paid for my purchases with a check and have avoided sellers who wanted paypal only so it looks like I may cease buying from ebay.  I don’t understand how they can tell a seller what type of payment to accept and think there will be some under the table transactions.  Had thought about becoming a seller, but not with these rules. 

M. Tellers

I have been buying and selling on eBay for about ten years.
As a buyer I strongly prefer to use Paypal because of the ease and freedom from fees.
As a seller I strongly oppose the changes to  paperless payments because there are a good number of buyers out there who prefer to pay by other methods and I do not see any reason why eBay’s greed for more fees should stop people from paying for purchases in any way that is acceptable for the buyer and the seller. Ebay should not be in the business of interfering in the relationship between the buyer and the seller.
This past February I opened a store on eBay with the intent of adding about 5000 items to inventory by the end of 2009. About that time, eBay starting instituting a constant stream of changes which increased costs and complexity for sellers and in some instances they actually started telling sellers how they were to run parts of their business. I took a long pause from my plans and tried to assimilate all the changes that were occuring including eBays apparent attitude that my business was theirs to run as they saw fit.
The end result was that I have never had more than 200 items on eBay, rather than the several thousand that I had anticipated. I have recently started selling on another venue and am in the process of opening up a store on a third venue. I no longer expect to have any expanded sales presence on eBay and very will may close the store and only use eBay for auctions of some types of collectables.
Roger Runkis

I read your column about eBay’s changes to their online payment policies and have to say that your position on not wanting to use PayPal or another credit card payment method is certainly in the minority based on our experience selling on eBay. As a long-time Powerseller, I can say without a doubt that we much prefer someone to use PayPal or credit card by phone to complete their purchases, as it is a much faster method than having to wait for a check or money order. With each check or money order, we have to wait for it to arrive, sometimes a week or 10 days or more, notify the customer it has arrived, take the check to the bank, wait for clearance and then ship the package. Additionally, the online sales industry is rife with scam artists attempting to pass counterfeit US Postal Money orders. We have received literally thousands of dollars in fake money orders. Fortunately, we did not get taken, but I’m sure others have.
With PayPal payments, and to a lesser extent credit card by phone, we sell the item, receive the money nearly instantly and ship most items on the same or next day. We don’t have to process the sale multiple times–once when it happens and once when we receive payment and again when the check clears–like we have to do with checks and money orders. Sure, we pay PayPal or our merchant account a couple percentage points, but I figure I save that by not having to go to the bank to make a deposit and by not having to deal with the same sale multiple times. Besides, we consider it part of our overhead and factor it into our sales prices. It honestly does not bother me that eBay makes money on PayPal fees, as I still think it’s a good method and has even had a very positive effect on international sales.
As far as buyer protections go, I can tell you that I have never once had a credit card company or PayPal fail to back me up on a fraudulent charge, and I have also seen those companies fight for the customer when the customer feels that they did not receive the item or service they bargained for. Your bank account is protected from similar fraudulent charges, and any unauthorized charge to your bank account would be covered similarly. Europeans have been publishing their entire bank account information on their letterheads for years. In fact, Europeans laugh at the idea of paper checks and cannot believe that the United States even still uses them. Having worked over in Germany for an extended time, I can tell you that their banking system works very well, without fear of a person’s bank account information being used for unauthorized transactions.
In closing, I applaud the move by eBay regarding elimination of checks and money orders as payment and think that it will streamline the process for volume sellers and customers alike.

Greg Talbot
EuroLux Antiques

I have bought and sold on ebay for 5 years, I have high numbers and 100% positive feedback.  When I have sold, it was only payment of m.o. or check I requested for payment. Due to the new changes I will no longer be selling.   My main item has been homemade cards and I ask almost nothing for.  After all the fees being mandated, I would LOSE money selling these (no money for my time and less than the cost of the kit I had to buy to cross stitch). I just put my last ones on, emailed all my regular buyers and they have bought my cards. It is a shame that EBAY has gotten so greedy. Every one loses but they will end up losing the most. With all the problems in the market now, people must save where they can. I will miss the fun of selling.

Lynne T.

I just read with interest your article in the October 15th issue referring to eBay’s upcoming policy change regarding acceptable payment options.
I am a seller on eBay and have refused to accept electronic payments in the past. In my auctions I put in bold letters  NO ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS, and  people to this day still send me emails stating a PayPal payment has been sent, in which case I have to inform the buyer as well as eBay that I do not accept this payment type and ask the buyer to recall his/her payment. I accept money orders or a cashier’s check only.
As for me, I will be looking for a new venue to sell my items, and I have an eBay member since 1998.  This company apparently has forgotten their function is to act as a transaction conduit and should not dictate policy to their users, especially when they own PayPal,which may or may not violate anti-trust laws.  Yes, like other successful businesses, they feel they do not have to listen or answer  to their customers.  A common problem when they get too big for their britches!
I hope others bring this to your attention as well.

Tom C.

I don’t think you are over reacting to the new eBay policy of electronic payments only with the exception of pick ups.  It does seem to be a bit of a reach to think that eBay will not profit from an all electronic payment policy.  Ebay has been a "huckster" for paypal even before they owned it.  The bottom line here is that even though paypal may not say eBay in the name, nonetheless, it is still eBay.  Gone are the days of equality between buyer and seller.  Ebay makes no money from the buyer, only the seller so it seems only natural that eBay would gravitate towards another means of filling their coffers and having only electronic payment methods, with paypal at the lead, certainly fills that bill. 
What most folks don’t seem to grasp with paypal is that this section of eBay has the potential to determine some of a sellers auction guidelines, most glaringly, the return privilege   If you have a dispute with a buyer over an item, even if a stated return time is used and is passed,  paypal can "override" that return time and return funds to the buyer.  What they do, in ANY dispute, is "freeze" the sellers money within your account, making it inaccessible to the seller.  The amount is actually "subtracted" from your active funds until the dispute is settled.  If you do not have sufficient funds to "cover" a dispute, paypal can/will raid the account you use to replenish paypal, whether it is a credit card or your personal bank account.  I have conversed with several folks in the past few months who have had funds removed several months later as a result.  It is also my understanding that is may be possible for paypal to "freeze" a large purchase dollar amount until feedback is exchanged.  That would mean that if you were not "johnny on the spot" and left your feedback as soon as you received an item, that larger amount of money could be frozen until both parties leave feedback.   If a buyer does not leave feedback and 2 months later decides that he/she does not like the item, the simple thing to do is file a dispute claiming that an item is significantly not as described, the seller can, almost without fail find that paypal will side with the buyer and refund the buyers money.  You also may NEVER see the item returned either.  So, it may be time to rethink whether or not eBay and paypal have had their day and perhaps it is time to find another online auction service. 
David Smith
Tampa, Florida