AT Inbox: What effect will eBay’s paperless payment policy have on you? (Part 6)

If e-Bay was directly involved in the collections process then their new plastic-only policy would be more understandable.  But for them to mandate payment procedures between to independent parties is unreasonable.  I don’t know whether they are being motivated by greed or arrogance:  I do know that his new policy will limit my e-Bay activity if not end it entirely.

Hayward, Wis.

Just as I was preparing to register for the first time with E-Bay, the Antique Trader carried the news that checks or money orders would no longer be accepted by E-Bay come the end of October.
I think this is a lousy decision and unworkable for a seller who has low-cost items for sale.  If there is a fee to process an electronic payment, my only solution as a seller would be to demand C.O.D., and even that adds to a sales expense.
Perhaps advertising in A. T. and offering photos of items on request is the way to go, bypassing E-Bay.
Elaine Steinhoff

I have had PayPal for years and have never had a single problem. Its so easy to use when purchasing or selling on ebay and really essential for both, even before its necessity was a requirement.

I even keep extra funds there just for the interest rate. They have precautions and security in place. They even insure all activity. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Thanks for your column.

Joyce R. Beman
Red Creek, New York

No Way,,,the only way I would do e-bay was by money order. When Pay-Pal first came out I signed up and within a month the security had been breeched and I had to re-register,,,plus there is still constant spams disguised as Paypal and even E-Bay looking to get your personal info. Screw E-bay,,,

George Carson


The wife and I have been selling successfully on eBay for over 10 years. I think their policy of no checks, money orders, or cash is completely out of touch with the initial reason they became such a success. This started out as a fun worldwide garage sale or flea market or becoming your own auction house or simply being able to offer fun and useful items to anyone fortunate enough to own a computer and navigate the process of buying or selling. I was very paranoid about setting up my Paypal account or offering any information online where it might be accessed by hackers or compromise any part of my reputation or financial well being. Fortunately I have never been placed in jeopardy, yet, But I do receive phishing scam mail on a weekly basis that tells me my Paypal account has been limited and I need to re-submit vital information. I know they they are fraud attempts, but those with little knowledge of the system may not be so fortunate. I say let someone send me two dollars and tape three dimes to the paper and let the common man do business in a way that suits his or her needs.

Keep life simple!

Ed in Ramsey, Mn

I read your article in the Antique Trader and I must tell you I am 110%  against what e-bay is proposing to do.,  I do not think they have the  right to demand or decide how we should do business.Of course they want it all  for themselves. They want to control every aspect of the buying – the sales  etc.
If this does succeed you can be sure that I will not sell or buy on e-bay.
I sold for many years and never had a problem.
I hope a good many people feel the same way. We can not allow e-bay to  rule every aspect of this business. They want every side of it. Not all people  have credit card machines and not everyone wants to give out the information  on a site – supposedly secure or not.
I will show your article to the people that I know that have not read it  and hopefully if we stand strong we will win this battle  and I  am afraid it will be a battle.