AT Inbox: EBay, Roadshow and the doctor’s reply

Leaving eBay

As a long time seller of antiques on eBay, from the beginning, I have left because of the increased costs and unfair selling environment. Will I buy on Ebay again? No, I will not give my business to a company that I no longer respect.

I would like to appeal to all collectors to  look at the sites listed on, under auction counts, and try some, like Bonanzle, Ebid, Ecrater, etc, where many fine sellers have set up shop. Listings are increasing every day. – Dianna, via email


Antiques Roadshow fans speak up

Yes, I try to watch it every time it airs. It provides much valuable and educational material that broadens the collectors general knowledge. I only wish it was broadcast more frequently. – Steve Casagrande, Stuart, Va.


You darn bet I watch Roadshow.  I also go to flea markets in hopes of finding that 50-cent item that you say is worth a million dollars, but haven’t found it yet! Keep Roadshow coming for a long time. – Sally Wiese, Winneconne, Wis.


The doctor sets us straight

In your article on page 18 of the AT March 11, 2009 issue, you have mislabeled an early 20th century (part) pocket surgical set as “dentist’s tools.” The tubular instruments you see are bladder catheters (which screw in together).

I have three rooms of medical/dental/apothecary/quack items on display at my home outside of DC. You can see a small part of my collection and my book at the two Web sites below: and – Robert E. Greenspan, MD