AT Inbox: Farm living

Farm living

Your story of farm living made me remember a lot of fun I used to have with my country cousins who lived on a farm
There were 8 kids in their family, and when the 4 of us city cousins came for a visit, we would play Red Rover, softball, hide and seek and prisoner’s base for hours. There were enough kids that ALL could play, even the youngest (me!). Our country cousins taught us how to shinney up a tree, and ride their Shetland pony. I loved to go there for a visit.

Now, from my vantage point as an adult, I also realize that life wasn’t all fun and games for the country cousins … they worked much harder for their allowance than we did. And that hard work made them braver than I could ever have been. Me get under that great big cow to clean it up before milking? Uh uh. No way. Go into the pen where the mama pig was taking care of her babies? Not on your life. But the country cousins did all that and more. I still admire them for their bravery, and remember how glad I was that when I got home all I had to do was make my bed and sweep the driveway!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Nancy Bristol

Farm Collections

I grew up on a small farm. For many years I couldn’t wait to get away from the place. The smells, the hard work, the long, long bike ride to town to see my friends. I hated it and wanted to be a Townie.

Then I grew up and realized what a really wonderful childhood I had. It shaped my work ethic and gave me invaluable skills I use to this day.

I do collect farm memorabilia. Nothing expensive, just reminders of growing up. Chickens of all kinds, ceramic, glass, wood and wire live in my laundry room, and my guest bedroom is decorated with photos of 1950s farm life.

Janette Meyer


Pigs! I love pigs. Big, small, cute, ugly, real-looking or fantasy creatures. I didn’t live on a farm, and have never even laid a hand on a real cow, so I don’t know where my affection for pigs came from, but I collect ’em.


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