AT Inbox: Heroes and their medals

Heroes and their medals

The WWII soldiers did not come home with any  medals whatsoever. The medals came years –sometimes decades – after the  war. And don’t forget that nearly all service records were burned in a fire at the St. Louis Repository.

On my wall is a Bronze Star certificate that is dated 1997. And yet I have another document that cites me for the Bronze Star that goes back to 1944, issued when Franklin Roosevelt was president. It appears that when the defense department succeeded the old War Department, difficulities arose in transferring records.

Our WWII discharge certificates which were presented to us upon discharge, did list our medal entitlements.

Mitchell Kaidy

PS: If you wear your medal, you can get on any bus in the city for $1.


Kind words

I wanted to write and voice my “great joy” each week when I read the collecting features in the printed version of the Antique Trader. Every article provides amazing information and oftentimes early history of a subject.

What a goldmine of data that adds to my list of interests. Keep up the good work.

Richard Duncan


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