AT Inbox: What can we do to improve Antique Trader?

I think you need more coverage on postcards, a lot of articles that appeared in Postcard Collector are missed greatly. Better yet, bring back Postcard Collector.

Steve Casagrande, Stuart, Va.


What in the world is a contemporary movie list doing in the Antique Trader? Give me a break! I get enuf slush in my morning paper now (since they’re trying so hard to lure a younger audience, I suppose) but goodness gracious, this is way off base! Perhaps you should rethink having a “Focus on Entertainment” if there aren’t enough relevant items to sustain it.

Bindy Bitterman, Evanston, Il.


Well, seeing as you asked. I would love to see more articles from experts. Love the Doll Lady, and what ever happened to Kyle on Antiques? I have noticed him missing from the last several issues. If we can’t have Kyle, can we have something like his column?

Then, I want to see more on some of the newer on line venues. They are taking off and I want to hear pros and cons on them. What pitfalls to watch out for; what makes one better than anyone else? You get the idea. Thanks for asking and again for listening. I enjoy your publication.

Margaret Siemers


Would very much like to see article /info on 19th century lithographs . . . in particular Currier and Ives and Kellogg. Also any info on Abraham Lincoln would be appreciated. Thank you.



I buy the Antique Trader for the auction, and antique show information. The Trader does a good job on these now, but I do think they could cover the auction and shows, in a much wider scoope, and in more depth… Thanks…
Rogers & Son’s Antiques


I’d like to see you cover ways to dispose of collectibles and antiques. Ebay is not everybody’s solution. I would like to see a  list of buyers for various categories of collectibles.

I would like to see more affordable antiques and more vintage collectibles. Those of us on a fixed income (Seniors) can not afford or even see much of the expensive antique items. I think that collectibles, especially 1950s, are more popular today than the antique items. Thank you.


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