AT Inbox: Kudos to the Antique Trader staff

Kudos to the Antique Trader staff

I have been subscribing to the Trader more than 20 years and before that I borrowed my mother’s copy. Over the past few years I have noticed many changes, and in my opinion, not good ones. However recently, I note that after reading the April 15 edition, I am seeing changes that I do like.  At one time their were “experts” that would write frequently about areas of their expertise, such as marbles, costume jewelry, period furniture, ceramics, etc. Many of them would allow us to send them pictures for identification, etc.

 I notice a new Antique Trader Editorial Team, so I think I will stick around awhile to see if your paper continues to improve.
 –  Margaret Kemp


I would like you to know that my neighbor receives your magazine and gives them to me. I just love this magazine. She is going to let her subscription run out and when she does I am going to sign up. I will wait.

Just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed the interesting info on antiques. This last one on Pysanky eggs is just great, seeing as I am Ukraine. Thank you.
–  Irene