AT Inbox: Ornament owner seeks help

Ornament owner seeks help

Hi Robyn: 

One of my gifts this Christmas is the bottom of an old Christmas card box (25 cards for $1 from Barker Greeting Card Co., Cincinnati) containing 3-inch hollow wax tree ornaments consisting of Santa Claus, a snowman, angel and two drum majors.

Each one has a small metal hook on top of their head that a hanger for the tree fits into. Can you tell me anything about the age or value of these items?

I want to find a small tree to display them on next year.  I enjoy collecting vintage and antique Christmas decorations.

 Thank you.
 – Maxine Williams

Editor’s note: If you are a Christmas collector and can help out Maxine, drop me a line at

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A caroling we go…


I enjoyed reading about your family tradition of putting on a program for your parents. I come from a large family, too, and we recognized years ago the importance of doing something on Christmas Eve that does not involve material things like presents.

We haul out the old records and yes, still play them on the old phonograph at my parents’ house. While those “antiques” are spinning, we sing along to our favorite carols and recall Christmases past. What great memories.

Thanks for sharing.

– Tammy