AT Inbox: She’s too saucy for today

Sweepstakes prize won – and ‘lost’

Today I received the book “A Guide To Fakes and Reproductions.”

Thank you very much !

I no sooner had the book out of the package when my wife spotted the Hull Pottery vase on the cover-My prize is now her prize ! ( My wife grew up in Roseville, OH in the middle of the pottery industry here).

Thank again and keep up the good work and great articles in the magazine.

Vernon R. Sahlin
New Straitsville, Ohio
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Ed.: Vernon won the Guide to Fakes and Reproductions in the Antiquer Trader Treasure Hunt Sweepstakes. We’re glad you—and your wife—are enjoying your prize, Vernon!

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News of disasters on postcards still relevant

I read with interest Barbara Andrews’ article about the disaster in Texas City which I had not heard about or seen postcards of this disaster. Postcards still tell the story of disasters…I purchased a set of postcards about the Iraq invasion of Kuwait that were published after the US intervention. The postcards vividly show the damage especially from the oil fires and I am pleased to have these historical cards.

Lynn Gaulin, Membership Director
Rhode Island Postcard Club
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Keeping in touch

Antique Trader asked: Do you network with folks with similar interests at shows and conventions? Or do you use online services like Facebook, My Space, or Twitter to get in touch with others who share your interests?

I have a bricks and mortar mall (Antique Junction) downtown, LaPorte, IN (now 23 years)….I have an ebay store, am a member of the Antique Dealer’s Association in LaPorte Co., and just joined Facebook and Twitter (both user names malldogdogcom). It keeps me very busy, along with the regular dealer and customer traffic in house. I don’t think you can overthink, over connect, or over market yourself.

Most of these venues are so reasonable and/or free that opportunity knocks. Just had customers up from Atlanta on their annual trip. They stopped especially to check on Buster our 14 year old store cat. (Who by the way has retired to my back deck/bed recently). I always bring my dogs to work. I live in a small town (25000) and we are suffering from the lack of business retention downtown. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

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She’s too saucy!

In response to the first Vargas girl drawing auction announcement

This is ridiculous. A drawing that was okay for 1940, but not for 70 yrs later.

(name withheld by request)
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Ed.:What do you readers think? Is the Vargas girl drawing more inappropriate today than she was 70 years ago? Less? Or is it an innocuous drawing unworthy of raised eyebrows, that reflects the newly developing artistic freedoms of the wartime era? Let us know what you think by dropping a line to editor Eric Bradley at or by posting a message at the Antique Trader blog found at