eBay buyers and sellers furious over new fee changes

eBay buyers and sellers  furious over new fee changes

In response to your article about eBay having the audacity to charge sellers a percentage of the shipping fees, my question is a simple one: How can we put eBay out of business? Removing initial posting fees means nothing if eBay is simply going to gouge sellers on shipping. Shipping costs are often more than the cost of the items sold, so that means even less profit for sellers. Free shipping is not an option, and I’m shocked even eBay could come up with something so absurd. What eBay should do is eliminate the listing fees and not increase the fees it takes on the back end. That’s how the company could retain its position as a relevant sources for buyers and sellers.
 We’re already choosing to add a website for our hobby business so that we can put more products there and less on eBay — hopefully eliminating eBay entirely. I would love to see more articles that explore ways that all sellers can replace eBay with other services and let eBay go to the dustbin of corporate history where it belongs.

Christopher Lancette
Orion’s Attic
Silver Spring, Md.

eBay executives won’t reply to letters or questions

It is ridiculous what eBay does and is doing to sellers. I guess when they discover how many of their accounts close and leave them for other avenues, then they may rethink things, only to find it too late.
I also am very disturbed by the fact that I have sent two letters in two months to the CEO of eBay and not had either letter acknowledged. My second letter requested names of the Board of Directors if he, the CEO, could not find time to respond.
I, for one, have developed my own website and will gradually be leaving eBay. Enough is enough!
Dale Moore, via e-mail

Time to search other sites

‘Fee-pay’ will try anything to get their stock back up. As a seller of more than 12 years there, I am sick of all their policies and restrictions. No other company pulls the stunts that they do, like mandatory PayPal.
Two great alternative sites are: ebid.net, where you can buy a lifetime membership for under $100 and can sell for free. No mandatory credit card services needed. Webstore.com is 100 percent free; they make their money off advertisers. I use it like a feepay store without the fees, and I only take money orders or checks.

Dave Fulkerson, via e-mail

Controversy dissuades sellers

I have not yet started to sell on eBay, and I am not sure that I will. I received the information regarding the seller paying the shipping. Many times I have purchased small items and the shipping was almost as much as the item cost. How will the seller make any money? I will probably start selling on craigslist, although I would prefer eBay. Any comments for me?

Phyllis B. McNitt
Lacona, N.Y.

Sellers see policy changes as one-sided

I, like many others, am a longtime seller and buyer on eBay and also (like many others) am tired of the one-sided rules and the continuing fee changes. I can (as ebay suggested) raise my prices to take care of the extra charge, but then I probably will not sell as much, and I will not do any more international selling because I will not know how much the shipping is until the sale is over.
One thing I do disagree with you on is the reason for the change on the shipping policy. I do not think it is to promote sellers to use free shipping. I think it is just another way to extract more money from sellers.

I am considering leaving eBay. I have always loved to sell on eBay and have done well.
At one time it was fun, and I can honestly say I have never had a non-paying bidder or a bad check from a buyer. Now it’s a fee for this and a fee for that and I have to use PayPal or some other electronic pay. How I get paid should be up to me. I cannot leave a negative for a bad buyer, and I am getting charged a percentage for money that I will not get because it is shipping cost.
I am going to list a few more items with the shipping included and see how they do. If I am dissatisfied, I will probably go to Craigslist.com and RubyLane.com. eBay has lost its focus and forgot the people that made them what they are.

J. Smith, Tenn., via e-mail

Fee change is more of the ‘same old, same old’

I’m the eBay seller who sent the “Bravo to Joan Turco letter” response (Jan. 26 edition, page 7) regarding eBay a few months ago. This new eBay policy change is more of the same old, same old. They pretend they are being generous to give us a little something, but they always attach it to charging us more for something else, more nickel-and-diming us to death. Competition sites with no listing fees that are finally starting to attract buyers are taking away eBay sellers, which is the real driving force behind this policy change. But eBay is limiting their no-listing fees to 50 listings per month, and they are now charging 9 percent commission on shipping fees.

The previous excessive listing fees prevented me from listing my better stuff in case it did not sell. So, now I will be listing my more expensive stuff in the first 50 listings, and selling less of the cheap stuff until I can get my free 50 listings the following month. They’re doing what they think they need to do for their bottom line, but that has an effect on us sellers, and we have to respond by protecting our bottom line. Sadly, it’s the same arrogance and pretending we sellers are stupid enough to fall for their telling us they are doing us a favor, by letting us reduce our commissions if we offer free shipping, that have repeatedly turned off eBay sellers and driven so many away now that there are finally good alternatives to selling on eBay.

Pete Bosse, via e-mail

Shipping fee policy changes punishes honest dealers

Once again eBay is shooting themselves in the foot; they continually trash the dealer group. Buyers have abused the system with false claims about dealers. Soon there will be no eBay; sellers will just find other platforms to sell their items.
I have been an eBay buyer/seller for almost 10 years. When I see that a vendor is trying to make his profit on high shipping fees, I just pass by. But I have been ripped off by buyers with both eBay and PayPal’s help, as well. Keep going eBay: You’re killing your golden goose.

Jim Logie, via e-mail

Buyers already pay shipping

I buy on eBay and expect to pay shipping; any catalog shipment is mine to pay; why should eBay be any different?
If sellers are hit with many more “have-to’s,” they will choose to go elsewhere. eBay is acting like a government. They could ask, not push.

Maynard Riddell, via e-mail

Every fee change pushes good buyers to other e-commerce sites

Sadly, every time eBay raises fees, it loses sellers who are good buyers. This is the effect I see in the antiques marketplace on eBay. It takes 8 months to recover from each change, and then they do it again. Their customer base is no longer the good dealers who used to pay well for good merchandise. It is collectors and dealers who are willing to pay a low wholesale price and no more. This is a very skewed marketplace. But they do not care.

Mimi Levine, via e-mail

Big-business greed ruined a fun antiques-selling website

I’ve been buying and selling on eBay since 1997, and it was a lot of fun till big business took over. The last five years, eBay has been a great disappointment: the “feedback” changes, the rate fee hikes and now fees assessed on the postage price.
I can’t imagine what they will come up next to make things worse for the seller. If they really want to be like Amazon, all they have to do is make eBay a “seller friendly” place, and the sellers will stay and attract more buyers.

Ray Roy, via e-mail

Free listings are nice but really just a bait and switch

Well, they have done it again. Every time eBay opens its mouth, it shoves its foot into it. I really think they are in big trouble with both buyers and sellers.
Yes, the free listings are nice, and that should encourage more sellers but when they start taking a cut on shipping cost, that is going too far.
I do a little buying and selling on eBay, but I do live in a rural area, and it costs me at least $2.50 in gas at current prices to mail out a single item, plus the actual cost of the mailing, and eBay wants a cut of this. I think they are crazy, and this is just another one of their stupid sales tactics that drive away sellers.

Without sellers, eBay has nothing. They need to treat their sellers better than they are doing. Their sellers are their customers, and they do stupid stuff to drive their customers away. I think if they continue on this current path, they are on the road to self destruction.
Take note that some of their competition is growing, and they are treating their sellers with respect. The day is not too far away that eBay will be a thing of the past and will only be heard of when someone asks a nostalgia question.

Steve & Connie Casagrande, via e-mail

Boardroom decisions work to further weaken eBay’s appeal

This is yet another example of ignorant boardroom decisions that will further weaken eBay. eBay seems to have a dream to become Amazon.com, and they are wrecking eBay trying to fulfill that dream. Charging a commission on shipping?!
That would presume, to a person with all their faculties, that the seller is making money on shipping. Sure, some sellers in electronics, etc., list an item for $2 that’s worth $15 and then charge $16 to ship it, but the vast majority charge less than it costs to pack and ship their item.

If I sell and item to a buyer in Europe and it costs me $35 to ship it out of the country, where does eBay come off skimming another $3.50 off my money — besides their ever-rising fees??
Why I should be penalized for shipping at cost to Europe — or anywhere, for that matter? It sure makes you wonder why a business that has a good model lets a bunch of corporate know-it-alls send it down the tubes with their MBA-school ideas.
Come into the real world, you jerks.

Steven Thomas
Woodstock, Vt.

Duh! ‘Shipping Included’ is not ‘free shipping’

As a Top-Rated Seller and Power Seller (although that distinction is not worth much anymore) I am very unhappy with the new eBay policy.
Their suggestion that sellers just “add shipping to price of item” is encouraging a lie. That is “shipping included,” not FREE shipping. Do they think buyers are stupid and won’t notice the increase in prices?

 More and more, it seems as if eBay is chasing the Amazon tail — only to the detriment of both buyer and seller. I already absorb the cost of bubble wrap, shipping envelopes, packing, etc., as a cost of doing business, and since I pack very well, this is a significant cost. PayPal already charges fees on top of shipping, and they are in addition to the eBay fees.
They had the best online auction game in the world — too bad they continue to sound its death toll.
Sudi Freeland, via e-mail

Occasional sellers will be inclined to use other websites

This latest news makes me glad that I quit selling on eBay around 2008. It proves that the most corrupt of the corrupt has gotten even a bit greedier in trying to upright their sinking ship.
 This is just another ploy to plunder even more from hard-pressed sellers. Add 9 percent to the already hefty and outrageous fees charged by PayPal, and an honest seller is being ripped off by these pirates! I only hope the great upstart Bonanza.com does not fall victim to an eBay buyout.

Wayne Nielander, via e-mail

LogjammersDepot on Bonanza

Shipping heavy items will cut profits

I am a low volume seller but I for one, am against the new selling feels policy regarding the 9 percent fee if free shipping is not offered. The items I sell are usually under $50 but that charge could put my profits in the negative if the item is heavy and shipping cost is higher.
 Guess I will have to use craiglist more often or Amazon.com or search for other sites to sell my items which I list from time to time.

Ted H Welch Sr., Pastor,
vie email

As usual, eBay jacks up actual fees, while claiming to lower the fees because they lower the percentage figure involved somewhat. I have been selling on eBay since 2000. I also sell on eCrater and on Bonanza. I sell heavy items (mostly linens) so have around $11 shipping charges on most items for flat-rate Priority shipping. EBay’s latest move will force me to jack up the item prices to cover all shipping and extra fees and play their stupid “free shipping” game. I will be selling my items for much less in my other two stores and may not even list all items on eBay any longer.
I have wanted to leave eBay for a long time. This may be the final straw.

Pat Hartman
PersonallyByPat, via email

I am an eBay top rated powerseller with over 9,500 positive feedbacks and have been selling on eBay for over 12 years. The new fees will put many sellers out of business, particularly the sellers of kitchenware such as dishes, cookie jars, pots and pans, glassware, etc. … anything heavy to ship.

Shipping from either coast to anywhere else in the country can be more than the price of the item itself and including free shipping on such an item by tacking the shipping cost on up front would make the initial selling price so unattractive to buyers the item would be passed over. I have figured out how the new fees will affect the majority of items that I sell which are one to two pound packages sent via Parcel Post, the least expensive way to ship anything anywhere (with very few exceptions). Basically, my eBay fees will double, even with the 50 free listings. I normally list about 200 or more items a month, so 50 free will do little to offset the outrageous fee hike.

Will I still be selling on eBay in a month or two? Very little. My plan is to set a limit on fees incurred and once that limit is reached I will be taking a vacation and listing items on other venues … there are many of these that just need some exposure to become very viable alternatives to eBay. And I know that sellers will be leaving eBay in droves for these other venues; where the sellers go, the buyers will follow. There has been pretty constant dissatisfaction with eBay since April 2010, and there is even a thread with close to 15,000 posts about this dissatisfaction. Here is the link.
Of course, this is just one of the many forums where sellers are expressing unhappiness with this latest eBay change. I would invite you to cruise the site and read all this for yourself. Thanks for the opportunity to state my opinion.

Sue Shoemaker, via email

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