Readers’ Letters: Disappointed in show cancellation; Good examples of bad business behavior

Readers' Letters: Disappointed in show cancellation; Good examples of bad business behavior
Disappointed in show cancellation

For years, the Alameda Point Antiques Show has been held the first Sunday of the month “rain or shine.” My girlfriend and I headed out with her nephew to find the show had been re-scheduled for next week.

We have not attended this show for more than six months as they do not allow dogs and we like to have our small, well-behaved Pomeranian with us. Their excuse for not allowing animals is that the fair (on an old Naval base) is on some kind of natural reserve.

I’ve never seen one species of bird or other animal anywhere near the area. The weather was overcast but when we got to the place we were greeted by a sign indicating the show had been re-scheduled. What an utter waste of time. The organizers of the event claimed all the vendors would be there the next week, but I doubt it as there are other events going on as well.

So when we again hear many complaints of antique dealers who can’t make ends meet, maybe they should be a bit more insistent with show organizers to make an event easy and convenient for attendees. There is no telling how much money the vendors who might have shown up lost.

By the way, it never did rain that day and the website for the Alameda show said that it would go on for “light” rain.

Tom Stillman
via email


Good examples of bad business behavior

This article was originally printed in Antique Trader
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About three months ago I was watching auctions coming up on AuctionZip. There was a particular auction house that frequently has auctions listed on the site that had a Hopalong Cassidy lunch box listed. As it was not an online auction where I could bid during the auction, I called the auctioneer and gave him a bid. A day or so after the auction, I contacted him and he said that I had won the bid and I paid him using my PayPal account. I asked that he please ship it with delivery confirmation and provide me with a confirmation number either by phone or by email.

A few days later, I had not received the confirmation number so called him again. He said that they had shipped it but he could not find the confirmation number and would go to the post office to see if they could help him trace it. Well, apparently he had never requested the tracking/confirmation number as the post office said they could not be of any help without it. He asked that I give it a few more days to see if it arrived.

A week later, I still had not received the item so called him and told him I wanted a refund which he did give me to my PayPal account.

About two weeks later, I happened to be checking out another one of their auctions and lo and behold, there is the identical Hopalong Cassidy lunch box in another auction. (I know it was the same one as the pictures shown for both auctions showed the same identical scratch marks and locations as well as dents.)

Now, my question is, did he feel like my bid was lower than what he wanted to accept therefore he never shipped it to begin with? And if it was a simple error on their part that they never shipped it in error, why would he not call me and offer this lunch box to me knowing that I was interested in it?

Needless to say, I have seen auctions of this company since then and refuse to deal with someone that has no consideration or courtesy in their business for their customers.

I did question AuctionZip about problems with certain companies that they allow to advertise on their site and their response is that they really have no control over the auction houses as there are too many of them to monitor! Well, I guess since I don’t have to pay anything to look at their site, then they aren’t really going to care either way.

I recently had another experience with an auction site that did not have a photo gallery and when I called the auctioneer to inquire about specific items listed that I may be interested in, his response was, “Guess you’ll have to come to the auction.” The auction was back East somewhere such as Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania or somewhere, and I live in Utah. Yeah, sure I am going to fly back there the next day for an auction. Not! Yet another auction company added to my list not to do business with.

Dale Moore
via email


Antique Trader is a keeper

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I have been a subscriber to the Antique Trader forever and it’s one of the few antique information sources I have kept over the years. I have seen drastic changes in the antique business. I have seen many Antique periodicals bite the dust and for a while I was bracing myself for the loss of my beloved Antique Trader.

Changing format, making the magazine slimmer, trying more paid advertisements have bought Antique Trader a new lease on life, I believe. Your “Picker’s List” is a welcome feature and I thank you for having figured me on it a few months back. I would not mind paying for that privilege but that’s the AT’s call.

As a reader of many years I want to do my share to ensure the success of a magazine I cherish. I was going to even suggest placing it for sale in places like supermarkets, Wal-Marts and Stewart’s stores like other periodicals do. Just a thought, a suggestion to the directorship.

Roger Malebranche
via email

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