Readers’ Letters: Schreckengost museum opening delayed — again; Care must be taken if you’re considering donating to museums

Happy with Trader, but not with eBay

To start with, yours is one of the magazines that I read pretty much cover to cover, ripping out articles that I put in a pile. This letter is about the letters that you have been publishing regarding your readers’ dissatisfaction with the policy changes of eBay. I, too, used eBay for both buying and selling for many years, only receiving one negative feedback out of more than 1,000 positives. I left when things started changing.

I’m so tired of hearing about how many people are dissatisfied with them. If you don’t like something, do you still purchase it in a store? If everyone who I hear complaining would leave eBay and go somewhere else, they would be so much happier, and perhaps eBay would start reversing some of its policies. Sellers and buyers do not have to sign a contract that they will use eBay for the rest of their lives.

Stop complaining and do something about it.

Debra Miller
Wolcott, N.Y.


Care must be taken if you’re considering donating to museums

I have been a longtime friend of the Antique Trader, and in fact, it has published many articles that I wrote.

I was interested in Kelly Hannon’s article on donations. I am a 79-year-old gal and have been around the antique racetrack for a long time.

There is a definite problem with donations. People think when they donate something to a museum or whatever, that it will be there forever. Sorry, that isn’t the case. Because I have been around at times the processes of donations are taking place, I have seen various things happen. Often, I never see the item again, or if it ever is mentioned, and not placed in the storeroom, what happens to it?

It didn’t walk away by itself, but in someone’s hands. Please forgive me, but I speak clearly.
People donate items for all to see.

I have an idea: Photograph in duplicate everything that comes in, even if it is only for a short loan. Get the person’s name, address, phone number, time, date, description, place, and a signed document. Check and note all parts, pieces, damages and whatever else.

The person in charge that day should be present, and must sign the document, date, time, place and witnesses, and determine if is it a gift or on loan.
If it is a gift, the donation belongs to the institution.

Dee Perino
Reno, Nev.

P.S. Donations are good … I am not against them — I donate or advise people to do so — but, we must be careful.


Schreckengost museum opening delayed — again

I attended a wonderful talk by Wally Berry [at] the Viktor Schreckengost Foundation, known as the American da Vinci LLC. Wally is “giving” his time and effort to this and the setting up of the museum.

Viktor Schreckengost Museum is located at 1900 Superior Ave. (The Tower Press Building), Cleveland, Ohio. Planned museum hours are: 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday; 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, noon-8 p.m. Wednesday and Friday; and noon-3 p.m. Sunday.

As Wally said, he has yet to meet anyone with one bad word against Viktor. Even those of us who had only casual talks with him found our hearts overflowing when we think of him.

Viktor’s aim seemed to be “invent” and “lower cost” so “Ordinary Joe” could enjoy, use and improve life.

I am enclosing an informational sheet about the Viktor Schreckengost Museum, with hours, location, etc.

Betty Carson
Bay Village, Ohio

Editor’s Response: The Viktor Schreckengost Museum opening has been delayed; originally scheduled to open May 6, the opening date was then moved to June 17. Delayed yet again, Joseph Clark reports on there is no fixed date for the premiere.

Wally Berry, who, as director, led an effort to commercialize some of Schreckengost’s designs, hoping the items could be manufactured again to profit the museum, resigned his position at the Schreckengost Museum project in April.

After the resignation, Gene Schreckengost, Viktor’s widow and the museum’s primary financial backer, announced that Craig Bara, an archivist and historian who has worked for the Schreckengost family for years, now heads up the museum project. Clark reports, “The museum is pursuing an investigation against the former director.” No details of the investigation have been disclosed.

Bara remains hopeful for a summer 2011 opening.

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