Can you expect good things buying antiques on


A subscriber shares her concerns with past antiques purchases on and editors share a response from Goodwill corporate managers.

“As an antique dealer, I try exploring all possible revenues, as well as being a long-time active shopper on this website. Like the bright side of a coin, it also has a dark side as well; just 70 percent of my purchases were completed with total satisfaction. If you have ever shopped at Goodwill, you will know what I’m talking about: you have to clean, scrub, stitch and wash whatever it is you purchase.” Read More +

Readers’ Letters: Disappointed in show cancellation; Good examples of bad business behavior

Subscribers give feedback on why show promoters should make their events easy and convenient for attendees to visit by allowing pets at outdoor antiques fairs; how one auctioneer cheated a bidder out of a rare Hopalong Cassidy lunch box and wonderful comment on Antique Trader’s new format and free Picker’s List want ad service (only for subscribers).
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Regardless of changes, this eBay business is thriving

A subscriber writes that despite so many criticisms leveled at online auction giant eBay, his sales are increasing. In fact, even during the worst of the recession, his sales on eBay stayed consistent. "While we are certainly not fan of eBay’s feedback system that gives far too much power for the occasional unreasonable customer to affect a seller’s search position and fee discounting, it seems that much of the discontent that we read in your Letters to Editor indicates that eBay somehow owes its sellers something."
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How I Started Collecting: Reader’s reflect on their first experiences with collecting

From broken soup tureens to granddad’s Indian arrowhead hunting trips, Antique Trader subscribers share their most valued memories of their first experiences in collecting. These funny, poignant letters reflect Antique Trader’s ongoing effort to foster a new generation’s appreciation for the hunt for precious objects. All letters are eligible to win a copy of the out of print book "Secrets to Affordable Collecting" by Frank Farmer Loomis IV.
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Readers’ Letters: Rare Candlewick glass ring holder was too good to pass up – no matter the cost

Imperial developed Candlewick in 1935. Hundreds of different items were made. Candlewick became the choice of many brides as their wedding crystal. I started collecting and writing in 1978 after discovering this beautiful crystal at garage sales. Eventually I learned that out of all the pieces produced, there was only one piece that had the Imperial logo impressed in the crystal. Researching it was no help. I could not learn how many were produced, when, or why.
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