Ruby Lane shop owner dishes on venue as eBay alternative

At the tail end of Lynda Vidas’ letter to the editor she said that she was looking elsewhere for a site to sell her pottery and glass. I have a wonderful solution for her.
Ruby Lane logo
Ruby Lane is a great company to sell with. They seem to have worked out all the problems for selling on the Internet. One of the most important, in my estimation, is that each dealer signs a promise to stand behind their antiques, collectibles, etc., and if the buyer doesn’t want the item, the seller must take it back and refund the money, even if it is just buyer’s remorse. This is the way the old antique shops used to do business. I’m sure that there are a few that still do business this way, and I applaud them.

It is economical to sell with Ruby Lane. It cost 30 cents for each item listed up to 150 items, and then it goes down to 20 cents per item, and there is no commission to Ruby Lane when an item sells. You pay a flat fee each month for advertising, and your items that are listed. Last month, mine broke down to $75.80: Maintenance Fee: 150 items @ 30 cents + 154 items @ 20 cents: $75.80.

Ruby Lane walks you through the process of opening a shop with them, and they also have videos you can watch that help you, And a chat line that is very helpful when you need an answer right away. For each item you list, you are allowed to have nine photos at no extra cost. When you list an item, you put down the weight and size of box, and they figure the postage for you so that buyers have all the information when they put in purchase orders.

Ruby Lane does not allow reproductions: If you put one in your shop, the first time they will ask you to take it off; the second time they will close your shop for 10 days; the third time you cannot sell with them any more. So the end result of this is that the buyer can buy with confidence that they are getting what the seller has listed in their shop. It is what they have represented it to be.

When the home page comes up, pull down the tab that says ‘Sell,’ and in that menu is a section that says ‘Sell with Us’ then ‘Top Reasons’. In this section you can read about Ruby Lane, and when you click on the little brown camera, you can watch a video about that subject.

I have been with Ruby Lane for three years and I can’t say enough good things about it. I have sold items all over the world (Spain, Italy, Greece, England, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and all over the U.S.) and I have not had any trouble. Ruby Lane is ‘Seller’ and ‘Buyer’ friendly. Check them out for yourself.
Very sincerely,

Pat Randall,
Lakeside Antiques at Lake of the Ozarks
Camdenton, Mo.

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