Chic Chicago: Couture Treasures from the Chicago History Museum

Through July 26, this exhibit will provide the rare opportunity to see more than 50 of the greatest couture treasures from the Museum’s collection. The exhibition will feature Gilded Age gowns by Worth and Pingat as well as modern masterpieces by Chanel and Versace. The exhibition is a testimony to Chicago women of style who supported innovative fashion designers in the hope of claiming Chicago as chic.

Fashion, they believed, was the most dramatic way to re-imagine Chicago as a sophisticated and cultured city. By purchasing and wearing couture fashion, these women aspired to overcome the city’s image as a gritty, industrial, working-class metropolis and its negative reputations as hog butcher to the world, gangland, and the second city. The exhibition will display some of the most significant pieces that helped shape fashion history.

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