Coming soon to a theater near you: Antiques Adventure

Armed with his trusted whip and those dimples, archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones is ready for another treasure hunt in theaters this weekend.

My son and I have been gearing up for the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by watching the first three Indy flicks. If you’ve ever questioned if there’s anything sexy about antiques, then you’ve got to see at least one of these! But I have a feeling you already know the pursuit of rare artifacts — the chase, the hunt for that perfect find — can be quite thrilling. Probably not on the same level of violence and intrigue, but an interesting process nonetheless.

I think the reason I have enjoyed the Indiana Jones and National Treasure movies is that they go beyond adventure. They provide an entertaining avenue of unlocking the history behind the mystery while their goal at heart is preservation.

These treasure hunters are archeaologists and historians. They want that artifact in their hands so they can safely turn it over to a museum or secure historic property. A viewer might miss that during the adrenaline rush, but those of us who are serious about historic preservation, think that’s an important aspect that should never find its way to the cutting-room floor.

What was your most exciting antiques adventure? We’d love to hear about it.

— Robyn