Glass museum receives Mary Gregory

REDLANDS, Calif. – The Historical Glass Museum has recently accepted a major donation of Mary Gregory glass.

The donation was made possible by Margaret Smith and her brother Thomas Linden. Each piece in the Mary Gregory Glass collection was given to Margaret and Thomas’ mother, Margaret I. Linden, as a gift of love from their father, Milton, during their parent’s 63 years of marriage.

Herendeen noted that, “The Mary Gregory glass is one of our finest collections donated to the museum. A special showcase has be designed the hold the entire collection, which will be on permanent display for future generations to enjoy”. The showcase should be ready after the 4th of July.

Mary Gregory glass is easily recognized by its painted and enameled decoration consisting of children in silhouette, typically Victorian. These children are often flying kites, jumping rope, rolling hoops, blowing bubbles or simply playing; usually surrounded by grass, foliage or fern. They are dressed in typical Victorian ‘Sunday Best’ clothes, knickerbockers, sailor suits or crinolines. Figures are usually found on a variety of colored glass. The values are affected by the color of the glass, which list from the least valuable to most valuable: clear, clear with amethyst, dark green, light green, amber, light blue, turquoise, cobalt blue, ruby and finally cranberry.

The first glass known as Mary Gregory was made about 1870. Similar glass is made even today.

The Historical Glass Museum is celebrating it 25th anniversary at the same location 1157 N. Orange Street, Redlands, Calif. The museum is open to the public Saturdays and Sundays Noon – 4:00 p.m. For more information call 909-793-3333 or visit ?

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