Museum of Russian Art exhibit runs through Aug.

MINNEAPOLIS  – The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA), located at 5500 Stevens Ave. South in Minneapolis, is dedicated to the preservation and presentation of educational exhibitions and related events pertaining to Russian art and artifacts.

The museum maintains exhibitions that include all forms of Russian visual art and sponsors seminars, lectures and related events. Authorities in Russian and Soviet art are invited to share their knowledge and perspectives with museum visitors.

Some of the most remarkable and popular paintings will be exhibited through August 2009 in the Russkiy Salon at TMORA. Approximately 54 paintings will be on view including works such as the beloved Milkmaids, Novella, by Nikolai N. Baskakov; the dramatic and evocative Unmade Bed by Mai Dantsig; and many other outstanding works of 20th century Russian art.

The exhibition will also include pieces that have not been previously displayed. Among them is an epic work by the eminent Soviet artist Yuri Pimenov, First of May Celebration. This piece is part of TMORA’s permanent collection, and will be on display for the first time in the U.S.

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