Postcards tell St. Cloud, Minn., history

Author Harold Zosel, a 48-year resident of St. Cloud and an active member of the Stearns History Museum, shares his personal historic photograph and postcard collection in “St. Cloud,” a recent addition to the Postcard History Series from Arcadia Publishing, a leading publisher of local and regional history in the United States.

The contents of “St. Cloud,” which includes more than 200 vintage photographs and postcards along with detailed accompanying captions, are arranged into three categories: Industry and Transportation, Main Street and Public Buildings, and People and Occasions.

St. Cloud was incorporated in 1856 when three existing towns merged into one. The majority of the pages are dedicated to Main Street and Public Buildings, but the other two chapters also deliver plenty of imagery and information to satisfy the local history buff.

Conventional history books tell a story and are illustrated with occasional relevant images with captions to tell where they fit in. A wonderful thing about “St. Cloud,” and the rest of the Postcard History Series for that matter, is that the pictures and postcards bring history to life, and the photo captions clarify any ambiguity.

Zosel’s goal for “St. Cloud” is to bring back fond memories and inspire colorful stories by long-time residents, and will give the newcomers and visitors a better background in how St. Cloud evolved. Zosel also hopes “that people will discover that there is so much on vintage postcards that is not anywhere else.”

Once again, the Postcard History Series nicely illustrates American history, making it a relevant accompaniment for traditional history books, as well as a worthy addition to any deltiologist’s library. ?


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