The relevance of fine art, or why we should pay to see it

This is a very interesting discussion from an English blogger at a site called artintelligence.

While speaking from an English perspective, where a nominal fee – if any – is charged to enter major museums, and very little is paid for touring exhibitions, the subject of publicly funded museums and whether these museums should have to rely on “box office,” like so many other “serious” art forms have to, is spot on as far as I’m concerned.

In America, museums get public funding as well as charge at the gate, and the big institutions still have gobs and gobs of cash to exhibit artwork that is, in many cases, not meant to be accesible to anybody but the insitution itself, and the wealthy who can afford to buy it. As the author of the linked psot says, there is often ahuge amount of pretention in modern art and outright contempt for “common” viewers.

I can’t really offer any conclusions from my reading of this site, other than that I think it is an important disucssion and definitely food for thought. I’d be curious to know if any readers out there are checking in from the U.K. and what they think of this.