Tiffany peony border antique lighting fixture floor lamp brings $172,500

Dudley Browne, head of James D. Julia’s glass and lamp department, had a sneaking suspicion the firm’s Dec. 1-2 sale would break new ground. He noted a number of pre-auction cues, such as inquiries from new blood collectors and dealers as well as from veterans who perhaps hadn’t been as active in recent years. His suspicions were confirmed when the auction closed at a very strong $1.9 million in gross sales. The top lot is a spectacular Tiffany peony border floor lamp on a decorated senior base, which sold for $172,500.
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Art Markets: Impressionism’s lasting impact

An art critic puzzled at the sight of Claude Monet’s Impression, “Sunrise” (Impression, soleil levant), coined the name “Impressionism” as a jeering insult. But the artists in the exhibition who so irked the critic eagerly embraced the term to describe their new approach to painting. Read More +