Andy Warhol

Business booming for the Warhol brand

For Andy Warhol, art and business were separated only by a hyphen. In his 1975 book, “The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From A to B & Back Again,” the artist speculated that art was a business, and that business was art. He later added, “Good business was the best art.”

A slow economic recovery hurts archive preservation, too

The last year saw many historical auctions perform better than most auctioneers and industry spotters could have ever predicted. This growing trend doesn’t get a lot of critical attention in the mainstream media, well, except for the six-figure price tags. It appears our nation’s history is being sold off to the... Premier Jewelry Auction launches Oct. 25-Nov.11 Auctions, in partnership with jewelry specialist Kathy Flood, will open its inaugural online jewelry auction for bids on Oct. 25 with final bids closing Nov. 11. The sale features more than 500 lots of collectible jewelry including fine jadeite, diamond, silver, gold, designer costume pieces, as well as Victorian, Art...