Antique and vintage Fish Bitters bottles have a long history and some have a high value

One reader asks if their Fish Bitters bottle is the same as a version that brought $8,500 at auction last year. Vintage and collectible bottle expert and author Michael Pollack says the fish-shaped bitters bottle is a common form throughout modern bottle history. Unfortunately the owner’s find is actually a reproduction wine bottle issued by in 1973.
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Single-consignor sale holds duo of liquor stills, advertising and gas-related collectibles

A huge, private collection offered this month carries everything from vintage autos and advertising to diverse selections of railroad memorabilia. A nod to the sale’s diversity: bidders will even have their choice of two copper liquor stills. Some of the many petroliana offerings include oil cans from Esso, Imperial, Valvoline, Texaco, Illinois, Sinclair, Gulf, Sears (full), Saphire, Artex and more.
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ASK AT: Vintage View-Master, cash register worth more for play than money

Antique Trader shows one reader that his attic find of a vintage View-Master and Junior Merchant tin bank, while colorful and interesting, have more value as display items than big-ticket collectibles. View-Masters have been in continuous production since 1939, when Sawyer’s of Portland, Ore., first introduced the View-Master at the New York World’s Fair. The earliest viewers (known as the Model A viewer) are marked "PAT.APPLD.FOR"; they are made from lightweight Kodak Tenite plastic and are prone to warping.
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Glasshouse Whimsies: Non-production creations are as unique as the artists themselves

Glasshouse whimsies – whether they are entirely free-form or created from production glass pieces – are items made by glassworkers to show off their skills. Whimsies, often given the misnomers "end-of-day" or "lunch-hour" pieces, are known as "friggers" in England. They are non-production pieces; other than the use of factory glass, the whimsies have no connection to the glass factory.
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Antique Trader’s Favorite Finds Contest Returns – Share your stories July 1-Sept. 30, 2011

Starting July 1 through Sept. 30, 2011 you may submit your own stories of auction scores, heartwarming yard sale surprises or antiques show discoveries to the Third Annual Antique Trader Favorite Finds Contest. Since your stories keep getting bigger and better, so has this year’s prize. This year’s winner will receive the Antique Trader Yard Sale Survival Kit, a free subscription and a whopping 10-volume reference library! Read More +

How I Started Collecting: Reader’s reflect on their first experiences with collecting

From broken soup tureens to granddad’s Indian arrowhead hunting trips, Antique Trader subscribers share their most valued memories of their first experiences in collecting. These funny, poignant letters reflect Antique Trader’s ongoing effort to foster a new generation’s appreciation for the hunt for precious objects. All letters are eligible to win a copy of the out of print book "Secrets to Affordable Collecting" by Frank Farmer Loomis IV.
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Antique perfume bottle auction breaks $500K in sales

The International Perfume Bottle Association’s annual auction once again surpassed all previous year’s results by grossing an astounding $522,120 on an 83 percent sell through rate. The April 29, 2011 auction featured more than 250 items in addition to powder boxes and novelty items. Prices for some lots were as low as $120, demonstrating a wide range of price points appealing to many potential bidders. Read More +