Weekly Antique Auction & Show Ads: Oct. 31 – Nov. 23, 2014


Its often not a matter of not having enough opportunities to locate items to add to our collections, but not having enough time. While we here at Antique Trader can’t do a lot about adding more hours to the day, or revamping your schedule, we can keep you informed about the shows and auctions happening around the country, and sometimes beyond. Check out some selected show and auction ads, and be sure to check out our events schedule. Read More +

Weekly Antique Auction & Show Ads: Feb. 21 – April 28, 2014

Pence Auction

Just because Mother Nature continues to deliver arctic conditions in many places across the country, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer a shortage of antiques and collectibles entertainment. In fact, what better solution for cabin fever than to attend an antiques show or tap into an auction, in person or online. Feed your collecting passion this winter! Read More +