Giacometti "In the Bistro"

Art Markets: Redefining modern art in sculpture and sketches

In the Feb. 4, 2015 issue of Antique Trader, Mary Manion explores the work, inspiration and influence of modern art master Alberto Giacometti in her Arts Markets column. While Giacometti's name may not be as recognizable as his contemporaries, the sculptor’s masterpieces helped redefine modern art and are fetching record-setting amounts at auction.

Video: Packing, shipping and storing art safely

If you own any piece of artwork that means something to you, you know how challenging, potentially costly and possibly frightening it is to tackle the task of packing, shipping or even storing your art. The team at Art-Guard offers their solution to this age-old dilemma with its impact resistant and airtight system, for...

Apache beadwork is poetry in motion

Native Americans originally carved beads from natural materials like shells, coral, horn, and turquoise. Since the arrival of Europeans in the 16th century, however, tribal beaders have preferred working with glass beads, especially fine seed beads.