Finding wit and wisdom in “Looking for Me: A Novel”

In “Looking for Me: A Novel” it’s easy to see why the main character, Teddi Overman, chooses to surround herself with antiques, where the past is more storied, than messy – which is often the case with human history. However, in the course of the novel Teddi travels back down the road to path of her own history, in an effort to deal and heal from her own past. Read More +

Banking on Books

The city of Baltimore is honoring one of its own literary legends, Edgar Allan Poe not with the mere naming of a street, a library or a school, but by hosting a year long celebration called “Nevermore 2009.” The name references the famous line from Poe’s classic “The Raven,” a highly-sought after and rarely seen selection among collectors. Read More +

New Hobbies for the New Year

With a few weeks left before the arrival of a new year the big “R” word is starting to filter into conversation. No, not the words red, ribbon or Rudolph, the word that comes right after a rousing rendition of Aud Lang Syne, RESOLUTION. According to many hot-pick resolution lists a great way to better one self, achieve some goals, and learn something along the way is to pick up a hobby – and among the hobby suggestions is to start collecting. No news to you, but a great reminder to share the hobby with others and to explore new items to focus your collecting efforts on. Read More +