Buddhist Art

Awesome Japanese Buddha sells for $14M

Wow. This an awesome sculpture, but – perhaps, jus’ a l’il bit – overpriced. $14M? That’s Monopoly money, right? right? Of course, it was a t Christie’s, so I’m betting the bid wasn’t all about the piece itself. I couldn’t imagine spending that kind of cash on something, plus, I can’t help...

China joins the Big 3 – in Antiques and Art

At least in art officialy, but you gotta figure antiquities and antiques – which China has been placing ever-tightening restrictions on – make up a big part of this number, and represent a huge figure in and of itself. This is interesting news released by China’s official state news agency, Xinhua,...

Something beautiful to start Monday with

Because I can’t resist. This is one of my most favorite art forms – the Tibetan Sand Mandala.Monks spend hours and hours on very intricate sand art, then sweep it away. It’s all about impermanence. Isn’t everything? Click on the link above or below to see, and Happy Monday!