What antiques dealers can learn from junk mail

Antiques dealers and other small business owners can seldom afford to hire an agency to develop their ads. For this reason, small businesses ads are almost always poorly written and ineffective. Nevertheless, small businesses are still in need of effective advertising. By following a few simple guidelines, antique dealers can produce effective advertising copy that will have a positive effect on their sales. Read More +

Dealers should use ‘retail anthropology’ to set traffic flow in antiques shops

Columnist Wayne Jordan asks: Have you noticed how the customers in your store walk? Most independent retailers give little thought to how their customers walk and move through their stores. These same retailers might be surprised to learn that there is a science dedicated to the study of how customers move within a retail store: it’s called "retail anthropology."
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Affordable tips for promoting your antiques business in 2011

Behind the Gavel columnist Wayne Jordan says central to gaining more customers and making more sales is building store traffic. Antiques dealers have the same challenges as other retailers: how to build awareness for their business and get more customers in the door. This month, I’ll share some promotions that retailers in other businesses have successfully used; perhaps a few of them will work for you, too. Here are his "11 Promotions for 2011."
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Can your antiques appraisals land you in court?

Can your antiques appraisal land you in court? Yes, says Behind the Gavel antiques trade columnist Wayne Jordan. It’s well established that one of the root causes of the recent crisis in U.S. banking was over-inflated and poorly researched appraisals. Poorly executed personal property appraisals can result in negative fallout as well. Here’s 10 things every appraiser should do to protect both their clients … and their careers.
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