Is eBay scheme targeting American sellers?

A friend and former patient, who supplements her social security income by selling her departed husband’s collectibles on eBay was confiding in me about the troubles she recently had with Chinese buyers/schemers. She has been very happy otherwise with eBay and PayPal for the past 10 years, accumulating glowing buyers’ feedback’s and a 100 percent positive rating. Read More +

How to avoid Flow Blue china reproductions

Flow Blue bowl 19th century

Flow Blue is the name applied to china of cobalt blue and white, whose color, when fired in a kiln, produced a flowing or blurred effect. Known patterns of flow blue china were first produced around 1830 in England. The general rule has been “new” indicates recent or contemporary manufacture and “reproduction” is a copy of an older pattern. Problems arise when either are sold at “old” flow blue prices. This list of “new” flow blue, produced since the 1960s, will help you avoid reproductions. Read More +