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10c comic book brings $657,250 to lead $4.33M auction

DALLAS – Led by the $657,250 “Aloha” copy of a 1939 Detective Comics #27, the legendary first appearance of “The Batman,” and the $862,513 debut of The Kerby Confer Collection of Disneyana, the $4.33 million Heritage Auctions Aug. 5-6 comics and comic art auction propelled the Heritage comics category past a...

20th century works by Nakashima, Evans and Lalique headline at White’s

MIDDLEBORO, Mass. — On Aug. 29, 2010, White’s Auctions will offer some exciting pieces from artists and designers of the American crafts and studio artist movements. These artists and craftsmen worked with traditional materials, such as woods, metals and glass, in unconventional ways to produce functional, creative pieces.