costume jewelry’s first all-jewelry auction

Antique Trader jewelry columnist and Krause Books author Kathy Flood is heading up the first all-jewelry auction for Auctions. With bidding beginning in October, collectors will be able to find the perfect holiday gifts for any women (or men) in their lives.

Exceptional jadeite group featured in inaugural auction

Think Lucille Ball meets Holly Golightly on the Yangtzee – and they sing a duet of “Moon River.” That’s the attitude one auction consignor thinks the group of a dozen fine jadeite jewelry pieces should bring to mind for Americans who suspect they could fall in love with jadeite

No buyer’s premium for this company

The discussion of buyer’s premiums is always a controversial subject. For those of you who haven’t attended an auction that has one, a buyer’s premium is an additional charge levied on the purchase price of an item. The money goes straight to the auction house. Buyer’s premiums have been around a...

Collectors drawn to enamel jewelry

Metals may excite, bling may thrill, but enameling makes jewelry as aesthetically delicious as icing on a cake. To carry that metaphor further, collectors are currently eating up mid-century enamels by, for example, Kay Denning and Andre Bazot, known for their trademark raised frit cookies.

Collecting and the ‘happiness of pursuit’

One of the great things about this magazine is encountering such a diversity of people and the collections they are passionate about. One day may be pinback buttons and the next, Lalique hood ornaments. (Lalique hood ornament photo courtesy Lalique, France.) The amazement extends into my private time and a recent...