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Imagination takes form in ‘America’s Doll House’

Faith Bradford (1880-1970) spent a great deal of her life creating and collecting miniatures. After her retirement from the Library of Congress in 1949, Bradford contacted the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum to offer them her exhibit, as she never married and had no heir to leave her treasure. The only contingency...

Deaccessioned dollhouse collection selling Dec. 11, 2010

The Lee-Fendall House Museum & Garden in Alexandria, Va., has decided to deaccession its important collection of 26 dollhouses dating from the late 19th and 20th centuries. The entire collection includes both electrified houses and earlier vintage models ...

Speaking of Dolls: Similar names, different faces

In the antique doll world, there are certain names that immediately pique your interest. Examples include the dolls produced by Bru, Jumeau, Schmitt, Steiner and Gebruder Heubach. But, the dolls from these firms can also cause much confusion, and, at times, much financial loss.

Speaking of Dolls: Is it time to get out?

In the antique world, you can find out a lot by just walking around and observing the activity at a show. The economy is on everyone’s lips and what the market – the antique market – is doing is a major part of every conversation.

Speaking of Dolls: Some dolls worth a second look

Recently I was asked to look at a collection of foreign dolls left to a daughter by her grandparents. The daughter had inherited all of the grandparents’ possessions and was overwhelmed. She needed some advice, “What should I toss and what should I try to sell?”