Pablo Picasso donation earns millions for University of Sydney

An important and rarely-seen masterpiece by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) sold at Christie’s June 21 for $21.8 million. Having resided in just two private collections since it was painted,  "Jeune fille endormie," 1935, was given to the University of Sydney by an anonymous donor on condition that it would be sold and that the university would dedicate the proceeds to scientific research.
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New eBay alternative: Talk & Trade Live combining the best of the web for online antiques shopping

At Talk & Trade Live buyers and sellers are doing that for items ranging in price from $8.99 on up to thousands. For a flat monthly fee sellers use an Internet video chat system and a feedback system to sell items to buyers from their booths, like those offered at shows and fleas. A mix between craigslist, eBay and Skype, the site, launched by an antiques dealer and part-time eBay seller, is gaining ground fast.
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Madison-Bouckville Antique Week planning for 2,000 vendors at 40th annual event

BOUCKVILLE, N.Y. – This year marks the 40th anniversary of Madison-Bouckville Antique Week, slated for Aug. 15-21 in Bouckville, a town located in central New York state, not far from Syracuse and Utica and right on State Route 20. The event will play host to over 2,000 dealers and vendors and is expected to attract 45,000 people or more to its many fields.
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Christie’s announces it will manage Elizabeth Taylor auctions this fall

Christie’s announced this week it is has scheduled a series of public exhibitions and special events leading up to the sale of the collection of Elizabeth Taylor, who passed away March 23. The tour will culminate in New York in early December with a special ten-day, museum-quality exhibition of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry, fashion, accessories, decorative arts and memorabilia, followed by four consecutive days of auctions.
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Antique Trader’s Favorite Finds Contest Returns – Share your stories July 1-Sept. 30, 2011

Starting July 1 through Sept. 30, 2011 you may submit your own stories of auction scores, heartwarming yard sale surprises or antiques show discoveries to the Third Annual Antique Trader Favorite Finds Contest. Since your stories keep getting bigger and better, so has this year’s prize. This year’s winner will receive the Antique Trader Yard Sale Survival Kit, a free subscription and a whopping 10-volume reference library! Read More +

‘Heart-attack chair’ among the rare and wild objects coming to sale in Atlanta

Collect rare and unusual? How about a "heart-attack chair," used during initiations and private ceremonies of secret orders and societies? The chair is so-named because when a person sat in it and a mechanism was triggered, a .32 caliber blank fired. If the person in the chair got spooked and jumped, they were kicked out of the group. It could be yours July 16-17, 2011 at Red Baron’s annual summer extravaganza.
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Regardless of changes, this eBay business is thriving

A subscriber writes that despite so many criticisms leveled at online auction giant eBay, his sales are increasing. In fact, even during the worst of the recession, his sales on eBay stayed consistent. "While we are certainly not fan of eBay’s feedback system that gives far too much power for the occasional unreasonable customer to affect a seller’s search position and fee discounting, it seems that much of the discontent that we read in your Letters to Editor indicates that eBay somehow owes its sellers something."
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