Massive entertainment auction holds Charlie Chaplin’s driver’s license, President Kennedy’s rocking chair

Charlie Chaplin case

Julien’s Auctions holding Hollywood Legends auction March 31-April 1 in Beverly Hills. Highlights include artifacts from the Golden Age of Hollywood to Superman including Charlie Chaplin iconic cane, Clark Gable’s riding jacket from “Gone With The Wind” and screen used tablets from “The Ten Commandments.” Read More +

Following Westminster dog show, Bonhams boasts best Dogs in Show & Field fine art auction in years


After the Westminster Kennel Club dog show judging Feb. 14, 2012 attention moved to the Bonhams annual Dogs in Show & Field: The Fine Art Sale. “This was the best Dogs in Show & Field sale we have had in years and I am delighted with the results,” said Alan Fausel, Bonhams vice president and director of fine art. Read More +

KPM Plaques: As Konigliche Porzellan reclaims post-crash highs, a fresh wave of fakes hurts collectors

KPM porcelain plaque maiden

Unlike canvas paintings that fade with time, KPM painted plaques retain their rich, vibrant colors and soft, glowing skin tones indefinitely. The secret? Dealer Afshine Emrani says it’s the porcelain. “The magic of a KPM plaque,” he adds,“ is that it will look as crisp and beautiful 100 years from now as it does today. If two paintings on porcelain are identical, today’s collectors will pay significantly more for the one produced on fine KPM porcelain.” Read More +