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A pair of cast iron campana style urns on integral plinths, the shallow wide brimmed lobbed bowls above waisted socles, the stepped plinths with impressed crazed patterning. English, 1870s.

Garden antiques freshen outdoor living spaces

Gardens are our little pockets of calm where we can escape the city, relax and recharge. Despite the benefits of time outside, gardens often get left neglected or in need of TLC. A quick and effective way to bring your space back to life is to add architectural items such as...

Flow Blue bowl 19th century

How to avoid Flow Blue china reproductions

Flow Blue is the name applied to china of cobalt blue and white, whose color, when fired in a kiln, produced a flowing or blurred effect. Known patterns of flow blue china were first produced around 1830 in England. The general rule has been “new” indicates recent or contemporary manufacture and...