Hot Wheels

Top 10 Hot Wheels cars of all time

This list is based on rarity and value. Yes, there are cars that are reported to have more monetary value. But as far as we’re concerned, some of these are just priceless pieces of Hot Wheels cars history.

Plastic Cadillacs: Going upscale in the sandbox

Simplicity. Functionality. Durability. This trio of words, for the most part, has disappeared from the promotional blitz of modern toy cars. In our Swiss-army-knife-is-so-yesterday-unless-it-comes-with-built-in-GPS-and-carbon-dating-capabilities rush to capitalize on advancing technology, even among childrens’ toys, the plastic play cars from the late 1940s through the early ’60s reminds us of these three...

African tribal art central to 3,000-lot sale

DENVER, Pa. – In what will be one of the company’s largest sales to date, Dan Morphy Auctions will offer 3,000 lots of antiques from fresh-to-market collections in a May 13-15, 2010 Spring sale. Morphy’s will enter new territory with its offering of more than 300 lots of authentic African tribal...