Toys of the ’80s highlight latest edition of Toys & Prices

By the time this issue reaches newsstands, “Toys & Prices 2010, 17th Edition” will have been gobbled up by toy enthusiasts either at bookstores or online for nearly a month. (But plenty of copies are still available!) In addition to new toys and updated prices, one of the features that has people talking is the 16-page color section that focuses on toys from the 1980s. Read More +

From Sweet 16 to 40+ – Die-Cast Dreams Are Forever

The paint jobs are radical and righteous, the designs are straight from the playbook of the cruisers of the time, and the wheels – oh those wheels. Hot Wheels™ are much more than toy cars; they are pocket-sized automotive art, designed for beauty and built for great speed, especially on that classic orange track. At the same time, their affordability makes these iconic racers a perfect way for new collectors to get their start.
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Portable Pricing for Hot Wheels and McCoy

Affordably priced, hundreds of color photos, up-to-date secondary pricing, all in a book you can easily tote to shows, shops, or rummage sales. What’s not to love? That’s what you get, and so much more, with Hot Wheels and McCoy Pottery, the newest additions to Krause Publications’ Warman’s® Companion series. Read More +