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Turning the world onto urban archeology

Stuart Grannen’s love affair with antiques and artifacts began at the age of seven and has evolved into his life’s passion, prompting him to pioneer the “urban archaeology” movement — which is celebrated and displayed daily at Grannen’s business Architectural Artifacts, and will take center stage May 2-4 during the company’s 2nd Annual Auction...

American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe: Why I’m geeked about vintage bicycles

In this month’s Bicycling, Mike Wolfe, star of HISTORY’s American Pickers explains why vintage bicycles “turn his crank” (sorry) and how a business setback put him, literally, on the road to one of cable’s most-watched program. The incident that led him to collecting: “When one of my stores [bike shops] burned down, I couldn’t...

American Pickers: Saving Antiques One at a Time

American Pickers, a reality television show featuring antique and collectible treasure hunters Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, debuted on the History Channel on Jan. 18, 2010, with 3.2 million viewers and was the highest rated new cable series for viewers aged 25 to 54.