Art Markets: Art values can be an illusion

It was a snowy New Year’s Eve day, and the appraisers were making a house call. The client was a woman with a family heirloom, a piece of cut and painted paper silhouette art from a genre known by its German name, scherenschnitte.

Columnists report on keys to antiques business success

This week we offer you two sides of the same coin. Columnist Wayne Jordan and guest columnist Daryle Lambert write about the changing market place of antiques and how important it is for all of us to keep an eye towards the future while we enjoy the past. Jordan’s column (Elements shifting power from...

History’s Jackpot: A great place to start

I had the chance to read Craig Gottlieb’s History’s Jackpot, Investing in Antique Collectibles over the weekend. It’s a brand new book that just came out in October, and Mr. Gottlieb has chosen to use Antique Trader to help get the word out, making him a valuable supporter for Antique Trader and I’m...