Warman’s World War II Collectibles, 3rd Ed.: Exploring and understanding World War II relics

World War II Collectibles cover

In 2014, it was sixty-nine years since World War II came to an end, and soldiers from around the world returned to their homes, many with ‘spoils of war’ in hand. Today these relics are among the most sought-after of all military collectibles. Esteemed military historian John Adams-Graf reviews many of the most common World War II artifacts in the expanded new edition of Warman’s World War II Collectibles. Read More +

Odd collection of crustaceans tucked in world-class militaria sale


A set of rare tournament armor for the Italian tilt that dates from the end of the 16th century sold for the equivalent of $441,200 at a Dec. 13 Militaria auction. However, the armor wasn’t the only unusual armored object in the sale. The most impressive exhibit was a Japanese Spider crab, considered to be the largest living arthropod, which changed hands for the equivalent of $29,400. Read More +