Rare, 47-star flag celebrating New Mexico’s entry into the Union offered Sept. 17, 2011


Kaminski Auctions discovered a very rare 47 star American flag celebrating New Mexico’s entry into the Union. Recovered from an attic in Salem, Mass., this well-preserved 47 star wool and muslin American flag is one of a few 47 Star flags ever made. New Mexico was admitted to the Union as the 47th State Jan. 6, 1912, followed by Arizona, as the 48th State, only five weeks later. Read More +

Cropsey Hudson River School landscape may earn $150,000 at semi-annual sale


MILFORD, Conn. – Original works of art by such renowned painters as Jasper Cropsey, Birge Harrison, Martha Walter, John White Alexander and others – plus a pair of original etchings by Rembrandt and a rare etching by the Italian master Campagnola – will be sold Oct. 27, 2011 by Shannon’s Fine Art Auctioneers, at their semi-annual fine art auction.
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Rare Watts & Co. coffin phone may headline wide-ranging collector auction


DENVER, Pa. – A large percentage of the world’s population has never even seen a dial-face telephone, but that certainly wasn’t the case with the late Bill Daniels. The massive collection of antique and vintage phones that filled his home comprised a chronological archive of Alexander Graham Bell’s 1876 invention and contained models ranging from primitive turn of the 20th century curiosities to ultra-cool mid-century designs. Read More +

Reader solves mystery hidden inside Acme Semaphore Traffic Signal


In the April 6, April 20 and May 4, 2011 editions Antique Trader honored me by breaking tradition and for the first time in their history ran an article over three editions. The article was titled, “One Collector’s Holy Grail” and was the complete (actually, almost complete) story of the rise and fall of the Acme Semaphore Traffic Signal Company. For those who missed any part, and even for those who read it all, the article can now be found in a full-color download posted online. Read More +