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The world’s rarest vintage teddy bears

Think the teddy bear originated with our “Rough Riding” President Teddy Roosevelt? Think again. In 1888, McLoughlin Brothers published “The Three Bears.” There are three different-colored prints that show a small stuffed teddy bear: one in the kitchen while Goldilocks is getting porridge, one in Baby Bear’s bed and one...

Legacy of the Russian Icons: Authentic Russian lacquer boxes follow artistic tradition

Russian lacquered boxes, miniature painted works of art that developed from icon painting in the 18th century, abound in depictions of folklore, fairy tales, costumes and traditions. There are four distinct styles, represented by four schools of Russian lacquer art, which are named for the villages of their creation, Fedoskino, Palekh, Mystera, and Kholui.

From suds to strummin’, vintage washboards are in demand

As adults we have daily and weekly chores and one of those is the dreaded wash day for doing laundry. Now, young collectors are getting interested in the unusual, ridged antique primitives. Prices of vintage and antique washboards vary depending on the type of board, size and condition, the appearance...

Vintage Santa dolls a sweet memory to baby boomers

A “golden age of toy Santas” came when millions of Baby Boomer children (born 1946-1964) created an immense market for huggable, sturdy Santa toy dolls. About 100 toy companies in the United States and 12 in Canada were busy making them. Thanks to the boon times at the close of World...

Top 10 Hot Wheels cars of all time

This list is based on rarity and value. Yes, there are cars that are reported to have more monetary value. But as far as we’re concerned, some of these are just priceless pieces of Hot Wheels cars history.