Readers’ Letters: eBay is a great way to move that dead inventory; AB 391


One reader learns how to clean out old stock by using eBay, while another wonders how California’s AB 391 will affect antiques and collectibles shops.: “I read Antique Trader from cover to cover the day it arrives and love it! I would like to comment on the Behind the Gavel article on dead inventory by Wayne Jordan. This summer I discovered a simple way to move the old stock out the door: eBay.” Read More +

Readers’ Letters: Rare Candlewick glass ring holder was too good to pass up – no matter the cost

Imperial developed Candlewick in 1935. Hundreds of different items were made. Candlewick became the choice of many brides as their wedding crystal. I started collecting and writing in 1978 after discovering this beautiful crystal at garage sales. Eventually I learned that out of all the pieces produced, there was only one piece that had the Imperial logo impressed in the crystal. Researching it was no help. I could not learn how many were produced, when, or why.
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