A passion for vintage fashion: Secrets of a Vintage Maven

Holding an article of vintage fashion from another era makes you wonder how many women had a grand time wearing this particular piece of material history. Where did they go? How incognito had they been? One of the more fulfilling joys of this wacky world we call vintage fashion is in...

Appraiser Caroline Ashleigh pays respect to major Hollywood memorabilia sale on her new blog

The collecting world has been buzzing since it was announced Christie’s would sell Debbie Reynolds‘ vast Hollywood memorabilia collection next year. The collection is the penultimate grouping of Hollywood couture, costumes and artifacts ever assembled. Reynolds started collecting the items at age 30, defying critics who called the items – ranging...

Found antiques are like opening a time capsule

While walls don’t actually speak, for a lucky few there is still a timeless story to be pieced together through the history and contents revealed in their home. I recently caught up with two Wisconsin homeowners who, through remodeling projects over the years, found themselves literally looking into time capsules.