weather vane postage stamp

American folk art weathervanes grace new postage stamps

The U.S. Postal Service today issued the 45-cent weathervanes first-class mail stamps in five designs featuring a photograph of eye-catching 19th century weathervanes made in the United States. All the weathervanes featured are part of Shelburne Museum’s collection: a cow, an eagle, two roosters and a centaur.

Estate sale holding Shirley Temple glassware, Matchbox cars, Tonka toys and more to be carried live online July 30, 2011

Specialists of the South come July 30, 2011 is overseeing the massive collectibles estate sale of John and Jean Robertson, collectors who amassed a staggering number of items in a wide array of categories over the course of their rich lifetime together. Offered will be soda collectibles, advertising signs and clocks,...