The Treasure of Toys

Did you ever think your childhood favorites might be your favorite investments today? Take a look at the toys you (or mom) has tucked away as keepsakes, you might be sitting on a treasure or two. Of course these delightful tokens of youth are often priceless in the bank of soulful memories, but as the year’s auctions have shown, there is more than sentimental value in toys.
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Toys of the ’80s highlight latest edition of Toys & Prices

By the time this issue reaches newsstands, “Toys & Prices 2010, 17th Edition” will have been gobbled up by toy enthusiasts either at bookstores or online for nearly a month. (But plenty of copies are still available!) In addition to new toys and updated prices, one of the features that has people talking is the 16-page color section that focuses on toys from the 1980s. Read More +

You go girl! At 50, Barbie still shines brightest

Little could Ruth Handler have realized her first attempt at doll making would help create not only a fabulous doll, but also a touchstone of cultural politics and one of the most amazing success stories in the history of children’s toys. Not bad for a woman who was simply trying to give her daughter something fun to play with.
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America’s Real American Hero on the Big Screen

Did you know G.I. Joe has been a comic book hero since 1942? He and his team’s battles against Cobra and his cronies started in 1982 and continue today. The popularity of 3-3/4 G.I. Joe action figures are history-making in sheer numbers sold and their level of collectability; and this summer Joe and the gang hit the big screen in a much-anticipated movie that has everyone from Hollywood heavyweights to toy collectors talking.
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Barbie ~ Still Making Heads Turn at 50

Who could have guessed that one woman’s idea for a three-dimensional doll to add excitement and adventure to her daughter Barbara’s playtime would become an iconic toy and a cultural legend? Barbie® Doll has become all that and then some since she hit the toy scene in 1959. Today as she continues to turn heads at 50, this timeless beauty continues to gain new fans, of all ages, and for varying interests.
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