Banking on Books

The city of Baltimore is honoring one of its own literary legends, Edgar Allan Poe not with the mere naming of a street, a library or a school, but by hosting a year long celebration called “Nevermore 2009.” The name references the famous line from Poe’s classic “The Raven,” a highly-sought after and rarely seen selection among collectors. Read More +

New Hobbies for the New Year

With a few weeks left before the arrival of a new year the big “R” word is starting to filter into conversation. No, not the words red, ribbon or Rudolph, the word that comes right after a rousing rendition of Aud Lang Syne, RESOLUTION. According to many hot-pick resolution lists a great way to better one self, achieve some goals, and learn something along the way is to pick up a hobby – and among the hobby suggestions is to start collecting. No news to you, but a great reminder to share the hobby with others and to explore new items to focus your collecting efforts on. Read More +