A Jewelry ‘Good Buy’ vs. ‘Goodbye’ : What’s selling and what’s sitting with costume jewelry dealers

Expert Kathy Flood offers a candid update on the often-fickle jewelry market, listing what’s selling and what’s sitting. "Recently I purchased an enameled base-metal pin clip for $15 and sold it for $1,500. If that doesn’t get your juices flowing for jewelry, I don’t know what will. Why, you could even pay for a week of your ungrateful child’s college tuition with such a sale."

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Oh! Tannenbaum: Verrecchi vintage Christmas tree pins a holiday delight

Influenced by their father’s jewelry engraving experience, Alfeo Verrecchi’s innovation and his brother Gino’s know-how built one of the world’s greatest costume jewelry companies. Gem-Craft cemented its history in American costume jewelry thanks in part to their wonderfully diverse line of Christmas tree pins. The Gem-Craft line was a fixture at Bloomingdale’s, Marshall Field, Saks Fifth Avenue and, soon after, America’s design culture. Read More +