vintage costume jewelry

Collectors drawn to enamel jewelry

Metals may excite, bling may thrill, but enameling makes jewelry as aesthetically delicious as icing on a cake. To carry that metaphor further, collectors are currently eating up mid-century enamels by, for example, Kay Denning and Andre Bazot, known for their trademark raised frit cookies.

Collecting and the ‘happiness of pursuit’

One of the great things about this magazine is encountering such a diversity of people and the collections they are passionate about. One day may be pinback buttons and the next, Lalique hood ornaments. (Lalique hood ornament photo courtesy Lalique, France.) The amazement extends into my private time and a recent...

In the Loupe: Making friends of our faux pas

Mistakes are nature’s way of telling us we aren’t as smart as we think we are. Every comeuppance we’re forced to endure teaches us a valuable if sometimes expensive lesson. But compared with college, an education in the practical school of buying, collecting and reselling is a bargain.

Antique Trader gets facelift and a new resolve

Well, the time is finally here. Since 1957, Antique Trader has undergone considerable changes for its readers and its advertisers. Since founder Ed Babka first started the magazine as the first nation-wide method to trade antiques, we have been innovating year after year. For the last few months we’ve been hard...

Vintage jewelry column scheduled for Antique Trader

We’re making good headway with the Antique Trader redesign. You’ll see these changes in the April 21 (cover date) issue. If you’ve been following us on Twitter, Facebook and in Antique Trader magazine itself, you know that that includes much more than just revamping the look of Antique Trader. We’re revving...