Two important lifetime antique doll collections offered June 16-17, 2012


Two collections of antique dolls, furnishings, fashions, doll houses, miniatures and an important half doll collection will be offered June 16-17, 2012 by Frasher’s Doll Auction. Bebes from Jumeau, Steiner, Bru, Rabery and Delphieu will cross the block along with dolls from the 1930-1950 era, including Raggedy Ann, Shirley Temple dolls, Nancy Ann Storybook dolls and Alexander dolls. Read More +

Antique doll collectors still attending shows but sticking close to home

antique doll show display

After visiting five national vintage doll shows, columnist and expert Sherry Minton says attendance is up and the dealers have been selling. However, show demographics have changed: No longer are shows attracting dealers from long distances and the buyers seem to be from a 100-mile radius. Advertising is concentrated on local fliers, antique shops, newspapers and local TV stations. Read More +

Speaking of Dolls: Simon & Halbig left legacy of variety and unfailing quality

Carl Halbig and Wilhelm Simon in 1869 founded a porcelain factory for the production of toys and dolls in the Waltershausen (Grafenhain) area of Thuringia, Germany. The production of dolls could be found in many areas of Germany but the Waltershausen area had a reputation for quality doll production. Here could be found the raw materials necessary for doll production such as Kaolin for porcelain, abundant forests with wood for the kilns and for doll parts and, most important, much inexpensive labor both skilled and unskilled.
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Son’s inheritance: Vintage sawdust doll worth $300

"My mother left me this doll. I know that my mom has had this doll forever, and she told me that it was given to her when she was just a young child. As far as I can tell, there are no markings on the head or the body. But I just wondered if you could possibly tell me who might have made this doll, maybe how old it might be and what the value might be." Read More +

Deaccessioned dollhouse collection selling Dec. 11, 2010

The Lee-Fendall House Museum & Garden in Alexandria, Va., has decided to deaccession its important collection of 26 dollhouses dating from the late 19th and 20th centuries. The entire collection includes both electrified houses and earlier vintage models in a wide range of architectural styles. The houses are embellished with miniature furnishings, accessories and dolls.
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